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What is Damn That Looks Good?

With a name like ours, we have to clarify our subject pretty quick. We’re about food people. Amazing food…from the world’s largest hot dog to the finest dining and everything in between. Food. Good Food. Big Food. Fatty Food. Unusual Food.

What kind of content should I submit to your food blog?

Well pictures of food, and your favorite recipes as well. We don’t have the recipe section of our food blog finished quite yet, but we will.

What kind of information should I submit with my food picture?

Well, we’d love to know the background. If you’re taking your food picture at a restaurant, give us the name and address (city, state, country, etc) so others can seek it out (or avoid it depending on their tastes). If you cooked it, let us know how you did it. Send us your recipe along with the photo so our members can cook it for themselves. And include your name and address with your recipes should we choose to include yours in our Damn That Looks Good cookbook. In either case, always give us the category in which you think your dish falls in. Thank you.

I’ve submitted a food picture, but it isn’t on the site yet. What’s wrong?

Depending on the food picture sent, it may not be DTLG material, or we simply haven’t had time to post it yet. Patience and keep checking back in with us. Thank you.

I’ve submitted a food picture, but you changed it or my caption. What’s wrong?

There are a number of reasons we have to edit pictures or captions. Don’t take it personally.

Hey, this website is great. I want some merchandise, like a Damn That Looks Good cookbook. Where can I get one?

In the coming months, we will be adding merchandise to our food blog (along with merchandise from all the other members of the Three Ring Blog network). And as for that cookbook, we’re collecting the best and the brightest recipes now. So make sure you send them in with your name and information. The faster we get the recipes, the faster we can complete our cookbook.

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Damn That Looks Good

Damn That Looks Good is a humor and entertainment food blog in the Three Ring Blogs Network. Damn That Looks Good posts funny photos and funny videos daily that consist of delicious food such as hamburgers, cookies, cupcakes, chicken wings, food porn, fast food, homemade food and more. Other members of the Three Ring Blogs Network are People of Walmart, Girls In Yoga Pants, Forever Alone, Daily Viral Stuff, Wedding Unveils, Neighbor Shame, Full of Your Selfies, Memory Glands, Jaw Drops, Freaks of Fast Food, the Proud Parents and more.

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